Andy Roberts

I am a labrador owning dad and product guy with a passion for the web and tech. Since creating my first website in 1994, I have spent the intervening years helping companies both big and small with their web based products.

My intention with this blog is to share my experiences with GraphQL, both the underlying language and the challenges of implementing it at scale using the Apollo Data Graph Platform and related tech.

Latest posts

  1. Schema services: transitioning towards a federated architecture

    The reality for most large organisations adopting Federation is that the architecture sitting behind it is… messy. In this post I introduce the concept of schema services and demonstrate how they can provide an easier transition towards a federated architecture.

  2. The evolution of GraphQL at scale

    In this post I explore how most large organisations initially adopt and evolve their usage of GraphQL at scale to either schema stitching or Apollo Federation.

  3. A clean slate

    Today marks the launch of my new site and a clean slate on which I can restart a long dormant blogging habit. I’ve not had a blog since the early 2000s so why now?